How It Works

Online Repair

• A technician will listen to you and determine if your problem is applicable for online support.
• We will walk you through creating a credit card authorization on our website.
• We will request that you click on our CONNECT button. Once done, we will then have access to your mouse and keyboard.
• The repair will be performed.
• We will call you back to verify the repair with you. If the computer has been repaired, your credit card will be charged; if there are still problems, we will continue to work with you.
• If we are unable to repair the problem, you will be given the option for onsite service (visit by a technician) or to discontinue our service. If you choose to end the service, your credit card authorization will drop off your account and you will not be charged. If you choose to go with onsite service, you will be given a price quote and your original online service charge will be applied to the total.

Onsite Service

• While you are on the phone with one of our technicians, we will determine if we can fix your problem on-site.
• We will give you a price quote which includes the labor charge. (Parts are additional.)
• We will assist you in creating a credit card authorization on our website.
We will send a dispatch to the onsite technician and set an appointment.
• We will call you once the appointment has been set and provide an estimated time of arrival.
• Once work is complete, we will call you to verify that the problem has been resolved. If all is working properly, we will charge your credit card for the total amount quoted plus parts if required.

Service Facts

 green_check Fast
 green_check Friendly
 green_check Knowledgeable
 green_check Customer Centric