Online Service

What is your guarantee?
All work performed by our technicians is fully guaranteed. If we are unable to resolve the issue there will be no charge. Engaging in our services is 100% risk free. Once the repair has been completed successfully, any problem that may come back within 10 days will be repaired for free or refunded if we are unable to correct the problem. We also offer optional unlimited technical support services, click here for details.

What if I can't access the Internet?
In most cases we can restore your Internet connection in just a few minutes. If we are unable to connect to your computer we will offer the option to send a technician out to your location (nationwide).

How long will it take to fix my computer?
Most repairs are completed in less than 1 hour. We only charge flat rates, so it is the same price regardless of how long the repair takes.

Do I have to stay on the phone the entire time?
No, we will walk you through our simple connect process which only takes a few minutes. Once we are connected the technician will let you go and complete the repair, then call you back when it's complete.

Can the technician see my files?
Our technician will see the same screen as you. Our software simply takes your screen and projects it onto our computer and enables keyboard/ mouse access.

What if I am not comfortable with what the technician is doing?
Once we start the online support session we will place a "stop sign" icon on your desktop. You may click on this icon at any time and it will immediately disconnect the technician from your computer.


In-Home Service

What if the problem comes back after the technician leaves?
We will work with you to resolve the problem within our 15 day on-site service guarantee.

How soon can you send a technician to my location?
We normally can have a technician on-site either same day or next day.

How much does it cost to send out a technician?
Rates vary by location, please contact us for details.

Service Facts

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